Zolotarev Artem, Russian Renju Association - Renju Rating

Zolotarev Artem

Place: Konosha, Russian Renju Association

Rating: 1447.84, Std: 76.31, Rank: 1096

First game: 2020-11-08, Last game: 2023-04-23

Top rating: 1522.27 (2020-11-08)

Games: 73, Wins: 17, Draws: 0, Losses: 56

Gy1: 37, Gy2: 55, Gy5: 73

The tournament of Arkhangelsk region
Date 2023-04-23 Rating 1447.84
Round Color Result Opponent
1A Black Loss Zvezdina Nataliya 1787.24
2A Black Loss Nikolaev Mikhail 1767.40
3A White Loss Vereshagin Dmitrii 1774.76
4A White Loss Yudina Polina 1931.78
5A White Loss Potapov Stepan 1889.84
6A Black Win Churkina Elizaveta 1610.85
7A White Loss Zolotarev Konstantin 1773.52
8A White Loss Letovaltsev Metvei 1690.40
9A White Loss Kazantsev Konstantin 1904.73
Youth Championship of Konosha region
Date 2023-03-05 Rating 1448.59
Round Color Result Opponent
1 White Loss Noskov Pavel 2034.21
3 White Loss Nikolaev Mikhail 1768.85
4 White Loss Kozhevin Dmitry 1836.34
6 White Win Ananyev Danila 1462.12
7 White Loss Zvezdina Nataliya 1785.33
The Championship of Arkhangelsk region
Date 2023-01-05 Rating 1448.93
Round Color Result Opponent
V1 White Loss Prokopyev Andrei 2023.67
V2 Black Loss Zolotarev Konstantin 1770.01
V3 White Loss Letovaltsev Metvei 1681.91
V4 Black Loss Parshenok Andrey 1476.70
V5 White Loss Nikolaev Mikhail 1765.86
V6 White Loss Ozerov Denis 1800.27
Youth Championship of Arkhangelsk region
Date 2022-07-26 Rating 1463.11
Round Color Result Opponent
CG1 White Loss Pavlovskiy Egor 1952.90
CG2 White Loss Sokolov Andrei 1864.92
CG3 White Win Popovich Anastasia 1278.80
CG4 White Loss Nikolaev Mikhail 1764.13
CG5 White Loss Ozerov Denis 1786.53
CG6 Black Loss Parshenok Andrey 1478.36
CG7 White Loss Vereshagin Dmitrii 1760.88
CG8 White Loss Potapov Stepan 1856.94
CG9 White Loss Zolotarev Konstantin 1765.65
CG10 White Loss Nikitina Darina 1826.69
World Renju Youth Cup (online) D Group
Date 2022-07-18 Rating 1464.50
Round Color Result Opponent
1 White Loss Gao Shengrui 1926.18
3 White Loss Gong Yuecheng 1778.38
4 Black Loss Che Lok Hang 1738.83
5 White Loss Lau Ho Ching 1686.26
6 White Loss Chin Keng Tin 1563.30
8 White Loss Ao Yik Hei 1658.50
9 White Win Lai Ian Seng 1360.84
Youth Russian Championship
Date 2022-03-30 Rating 1490.46
Round Color Result Opponent
D1 White Loss Potapov Stepan 1848.49
D2 White Loss Rymarchuk Dion 1660.33
D3 Black Win Komin Alexey 1430.73
D4 White Loss Mikryukov Sergey 2145.74
D5 Black Win Afanasiev Maksim 1505.62
D6 White Loss Zolotarev Konstantin 1745.66
D7 White Win Rogozinsky Jaroslav 1634.86
D8 White Loss Pinsky Alexander 2470.97
D9 White Win Eliseev Georgy 1757.88
Youth Championship of Konosha region
Date 2022-03-13 Rating 1492.13
Round Color Result Opponent
HD1 White Loss Mikryukov Sergey 2141.94
HD2 Black Win Kapustinskaia Ruslana 1466.06
HD3 Black Win Afanasiev Maksim 1502.64
HD4 White Loss Bova Aleksandra 1538.47
HD5 Black Loss Porokhina Natalya 1633.73
HD6 White Win Birichevskaya Darina 1469.52
HD7 Black Win Ananyev Danila 1486.86
HD8 White Loss Yudina Polina 1933.76
Youth Championship of Arkhangelsk region
Date 2021-07-24 Rating 1495.94
Round Color Result Opponent
D8 White Loss Mikryukov Sergey 2086.81
Moscow Open Youth 2021
Date 2021-04-25 Rating 1497.63
Round Color Result Opponent
B1 White Loss Kazantsev Konstantin 1918.65
B3 White Loss Simanovskaia Anastasia 1924.40
B4 White Loss Kulagin Artem 1606.05
Youth Championship of Konosha region
Date 2021-03-21 Rating 1499.61
Round Color Result Opponent
D1 White Loss Letovaltsev Metvei 1689.25
D2 Black Loss Afanasiev Maksim 1502.56
D3 White Loss Nogovitsin Artem 1583.78
D4 Black Loss Lobachev Kirill 1490.15
D5 Black Loss Nikolaev Mikhail 1727.95
D6 Black Win Zolotarev Konstantin 1680.14
D7 White Loss Garmanov Radion 1558.26
Youth Championship of Arkhangelsk region
Date 2020-11-08 Rating 1522.27
Round Color Result Opponent
D1 Black Loss Zolotarev Konstantin 1677.37
D2 White Win Lobachev Kirill 1496.76
D3 Black Win Garmanov Radion 1554.70
D4 White Loss Potapov Stepan 1787.86
D5 White Loss Kazantsev Konstantin 1899.01
D6 White Win Stoyanov Nikolai 1631.06
D7 Black Win Petrovich Vadim 1567.46
D8 White Loss Pavlovskiy Egor 1814.49