Minkina Yuliya

Place: Kotlas, Russian Renju Association

Rating: 1597.70, Rank: 921

First game: 2020-11-08, Last game: 2021-10-03

Top rating: 1622.80 (2021-03-30)

Games: 44, Wins: 16, Draws: 0, Losses: 28

Gy1: 9, Gy2: 44, Gy5: 44

The tournament of Arkhangelsk region, group C,G
Date 2021-10-03 Rating 1597.70
Round Color Result Opponent
G2 White Loss Simanovskaia Anastasia 1879.86
G3 White Loss Sokolova Veronika 1394.72
G4 White Loss Stulova Alisa 1756.33
G5 White Loss Fokicheva Anna 2082.73
G6 White Win Buslakova Anastasja 1915.25
G7 White Loss Buslakova Darya 1957.90
G8 Black Loss Vostriakova Yulia 1793.48
G9 White Loss Zvezdina Nataliya 1698.02
G10 White Loss Minkina Elena 1465.77
Youth Russian Championship
Date 2021-03-30 Rating 1622.80
Round Color Result Opponent
H1 Black Win Ozerova Marina 1534.86
H2 White Win Chernetsova Ekaterina 1647.90
H3 White Loss Yudina Polina 1814.03
H4 White Loss Belova Polina 1910.09
H5 Black Loss Nikitina Darina 1790.87
H6 White Loss Buslakova Anastasja 1937.27
H7 White Win Simanovskaia Anastasia 1876.96
H8 White Win Kolchurina Anastasia 1665.25
H9 Black Win Minkina Elena 1474.88
H10 White Win Zvezdina Nataliya 1683.39
H11 White Loss Litvak Sofia 1815.97
The Championship of Arkhangelsk region
Date 2021-01-05 Rating 1621.00
Round Color Result Opponent
W1 White Loss Yudina Polina 1816.89
W2 White Loss Yudina Maria 2168.01
W4 White Win Minkina Elena 1485.72
W5 White Win Vostriakova Yulia 1752.91
W6 White Loss Popova Maria 1718.09
W7 White Loss Simanovskaia Anastasia 1876.60
The Third World Renju Open Online tournament, gr. B
Date 2020-12-06 Rating 1620.00
Round Color Result Opponent
1 Black Loss Kuzmin Dmitri 1749.53
3 White Loss Litvak Sofia 1806.54
4 White Loss Kuong Chi Hin 1619.41
5 Black Win Kulagin Artem 1547.67
6 White Loss Ho Nok Hin Issac 1927.16
7 Black Loss Anijalg Andreas 1722.11
Youth Championship of Arkhangelsk region
Date 2020-11-08 Rating 1621.52
Round Color Result Opponent
H1 Black Loss Yudina Polina 1822.76
H2 Black Loss Nikitina Darina 1747.33
H3 Black Loss Zvezdina Nataliya 1670.43
H4 White Loss Porokhina Natalya 1461.18
H5 Black Win Zhukova Kseniia 1372.22
H6 White Win Ozerova Marina 1554.55
H8 Black Win Birichevskaya Darina 1430.83
H9 Black Win Bova Aleksandra 1447.51
H10 Black Win Minkina Elena 1497.16
H11 Black Loss Buslakova Anastasja 1918.74
H12 White Loss Simanovskaia Anastasia 1864.90
H13 White Win Stulova Alisa 1758.41